Is Presuppositional Apologetics Circular?

Presuppositional apologetics, also known as presuppositionalism, has become a popular way to defend the Christian faith.  However, it has not been wrought without its criticisms, one of which is that it is circular. So, is presuppositional apologetics circular? The short answer is yes, but it doesn't have to be. Before we get into the specifics… Continue reading Is Presuppositional Apologetics Circular?

Is Christianity Deterministic?

Some people think that Christianity is deterministic. That is to say, that Christians don't actually have free will. Most Christians disagree with this, although some think it's true. I, however, think both groups of people have equally fallacious reasons for concluding that Christianity is deterministic. When free will deniers argue that Christianity is deterministic, it… Continue reading Is Christianity Deterministic?

What Does the Bible Say About Tithing in the New Testament?

Many Christians seem to think that the church today is under some sort of obligation to tithe, but where did that understanding come from? When you read the New Testament, tithing isn't really mentioned, much less prescribed, but let's explore this issue a little further. What Is a Tithe?A tithe is simply "one tenth" of… Continue reading What Does the Bible Say About Tithing in the New Testament?

The Beast in Revelation – 666 Revealed!

The book of Revelation is perhaps the most difficult book in the Bible to understand, and for good reason, I think: it's apocalyptic literature! This type of literature commonly uses symbolism, imagery, and metaphors to convey absolute truths, making it difficult to understand sometimes. This has led to much confusion, resulting in many different interpretations.… Continue reading The Beast in Revelation – 666 Revealed!